Calling all guilds!

bad guild name

Hillary Nicole asking for your guild information on the official site. It’s unknown what she is up to yet, but I speculate that BioWare is restarting the guild program we had around when the game started. It might also have something to do with the guild ships coming with the next game update. Another guess would be potentially organizing live events, thus the request for an email. What do you guys think? Anyways. Below is the official announcement:

Hey everyone,
It’s about tiiiime I start collecting the contacts from guilds in SW:TOR. I guess this is a bit trickier, as I will need a tad bit more information from you all, so I set it up in a list-type format:
Guild Name:
Guild Leader(s):
Primary Contact (email):
Website (if any):
Guild Size:
Focus (PvP, raiding, social, etc):
Any Additional Info:
Keep in mind that “not meeting requirements” is not a concern here. The additional information is for my own record keeping, really. It gives me insight on each and every guild
Please send me a PM with the info above. I will email the primary contact as soon as I have it saved.
Hillary Nicole