SWTOR: Introduction to Guild Heraldry

SWTOR Introduction to Guild Heraldry

Here is the latest blog post from BioWare Austine, explaining the new Guild Heraldry system coming with todays game update. Check it out: With Game Update 5.10.2 “Heralds of Victory” we are introducing a tool for Guilds to rally behind, Guild Heraldry, and a major re-work of the Preview Window. If you missed it, be sure to check out our detailed look into the Preview Window we posted in March. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Guild Heraldry system. Guild Heraldry helps Guilds by adding a route of customization to further form their own identity. Guilds can choose from a selection of Symbols and Backgrounds, along with the full hex code color spectrum, to create a personalized banner to rally behind. These Heraldries are then available to be seen both within a Guild and outside of it. Now let’s break down the individual pieces, so you know exactly…

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SWTOR: Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’ Is Coming!

swtor Guild Heraldry

Yesterday the devs over at Bioware Austine announced that Patch 5.10.2, named Heralds of Victory will be landing in April and feature guild heraldry and preview window changes. When Game Update 5.10 ‘Jedi Under Siege’ launched, guilds received a boost in the form of new guild leveling and PvP challenge systems, as well as new management tools. Seeing guilds flourish from this, with Game Update 5.10.2 ‘Heralds of Victory’, we are planning to add even more for guilds! This new feature is called Guild Heraldry and it will be another tool for guilds to rally behind! Each guild can create their own emblem to represent them throughout the game. Between the combination of icons, background details, and variety of colors, guilds will be able to create something truly unique. A guild’s emblem will be displayed in the general guild window, on the conquest planetary leaderboards, and many other places! On…

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TOR TV: The Imperial Army 47th I.E.F. Recruitment Video

I just love when players get creative with videos surrounding the game. I also love it when players get creative with their recruiting techniques. I think one reason for this is that I have been in charge of recruiting in many games and communities in which I played a serious role. In my WoW guild, I handled recruiting, as well as when my WoW guild moved to SWTOR. I also handled recruiting in a ranked/leadership position for a TF2 community I was part of for some time. I know all about the unique challenges that can come with recruiting. I know how hard it is when you want to encourage recruiting without spam, how hard it is to find the right people suited to your community or guild, how challenging it can be to find new, creative ways of advertising that you are accepting members and showing the benefits of…

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SWTOR Tips for Small Guilds Doing Conquests

The Conquest system within SWTOR is a pretty good one in many ways. It’s also a good way to get back into some of that older content and see it all again (or for the first time). However, if you have a small guild, you may have found that it’s just not as easy to do the conquests. Some players feel like guilds with smaller numbers don’t have a chance to compete for the Top 10. Well, here are a couple of things to know. First, even if you don’t make it in the top 10, doing these conquests is a great way to build guild unity. Secondly, depending on your server, you might have more of a chance than you think at moving up the ranks if you just get a good solid group of people together to commit. So with that in mind, if you want to try…

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Small Guild Alliances to “fix” SWTOR Conquests?

The question is: do conquests need any sort of “fixing” at all? According to most players, they’re fine the way they are, but they’re a bit slanted towards favoring larger guilds, and that’s where some improvements could be done. Some smaller guilds have decried the conquest reward system, which they deemed unsatisfactory. This issue however has been shot down by others, who have come out against an altered reward system, saying that any alternatives would allow larger guilds to extend their conquest domination even further. The bottom line about the conquest “conundrum” is that for the most part, they’re great for everyone: they’re enjoyable and they offer a great common goal to work towards. Those in smaller guilds do find it more difficult to come out on top though. While this small glitch in the conquest mechanics may seem minute indeed, it can in fact be dangerous, because it may…

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Calling all guilds!

Hillary Nicole asking for your guild information on the official site. It’s unknown what she is up to yet, but I speculate that BioWare is restarting the guild program we had around when the game started. It might also have something to do with the guild ships coming with the next game update. Another guess would be potentially organizing live events, thus the request for an email. What do you guys think? Anyways. Below is the official announcement: Hey everyone, It’s about tiiiime I start collecting the contacts from guilds in SW:TOR. I guess this is a bit trickier, as I will need a tad bit more information from you all, so I set it up in a list-type format: Guild Name: Guild Leader(s): Primary Contact (email): Website (if any): Server: Faction: Guild Size: Focus (PvP, raiding, social, etc): Any Additional Info: Keep in mind that “not meeting requirements” is…

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Guild Rewards Program

BioWare posted an update on the official Star Wars: The old republic website, regarding new and upcoming guild features. From now on you will be getting a 5% XP boost for being in a guild. They will also be adding more guild benefits later.. Who said guild capital ships? Did you say guild capital ships? Someone said guild capital ships.?! Are you ready to earn valuable rewards for joining a guild? We’ve got great news! We’re excited to launch a new Guild Rewards Program which rewards player participation in guilds with in-game bonuses and benefits. In this initial phase, players earn an additional 5% Guild XP Bonus for all experience gained while playing in a guild. So whether you’re already in a guild or are looking to join or create one, jump in now to take advantage of this bonus! We’re working on adding more guild rewards so stay tuned…

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Attack of the guild: Recruiting and Drama

One of the most rewarding experiences of running a guild deals with recruiting new members. It gives you the opportunity to capture the pulse of the SWToR community by talking to other players who just happened to see your recruiting message in general chat, explore what they’re looking for, and see how their requirements change over the course of time. Most chat sessions tend to be typical, others interesting while others thought provoking. Before server mergers occurred, new players were scarce and you would always come across people who found their way in the server (Axial Park in Alpha Strike Force‘s case) either by mistake or because they left their guild. After the server mergers, every new recruit was essentially a refugee from another server or a returning player who just happened to hear that things were getting better in SWToR and decided to give the game another shot. (As…

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