Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar for October 2023

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Event Calendar for October 2023

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the popular mobile game by EA, has released its event calendar for October 2023. Players can look forward to a month packed with exciting events, challenges, and opportunities to enhance their in-game experience.

Highlights of the October 2023 Calendar:


  1. Legendary Events:
    These events typically allow players to unlock legendary characters by completing a series of challenging battles. Given the game’s vast roster of Star Wars characters, it’s always a thrill to see who will be spotlighted next.
  2. Grand Arena Championships: A competitive mode where players can pit their best teams against each other, aiming for top ranks and exclusive rewards.
  3. Galactic Challenges: Rotating events that offer unique modifiers and conditions, testing players’ adaptability and strategic prowess.
  4. Assault Battles: Players can use specific factions to battle against challenging opponents, earning valuable rewards in the process.
  5. Special Marquee Events: These events introduce new characters to the game, giving players a chance to test them out and earn shards.
  6. Daily Login Character: Every month, a specific character is highlighted as the daily login reward, providing players with shards for that character throughout the month.
  7. Flash Events, Omega Battles, and More: These shorter events provide quick challenges and opportunities to earn gear, shards, and other resources.


October promises to be an action-packed month for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, there’s something for everyone. As always, it’s essential to keep an eye on the in-game announcements and notifications to ensure you don’t miss out on any events.

For a detailed breakdown of the October 2023 event calendar, players are encouraged to visit the official forum post: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Official Forum.