Author: Onisac Gnitteb

Star Wars and Planetary Poker – A Perfect Home for Card Gamers and Star Wars Fans

Today’s television series has enjoyed much enthusiasm from fans of different backgrounds now that there are multiple genres which modern filmmakers, writers, and directors are exploring. One particularly interesting genre that sparks the imagination of its viewers is the sci-fi genre. Although it may not be new to the public, this type of television series dared to go beyond what is currently known and explored the possibilities of non-existent technologies. This kind of setting is well-embodied in the Star Wars series, be it technologies used in warfare like lightsabers or space vehicles like the Millennium Falcon. These gadgets may not exist yet but it cannot be denied that these films have inspired engineers and scientists to develop groundbreaking machinery and tools. Today, we have the likes of Google glass or holograms that back then were once only considered as figments of our playful imagination. With such success, the Star Wars…

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Star Wars Slots

IGT’s Star Wars slots manage to incorporate the excitement of this iconic space- themed series with some of the best graphics and rewards seen in a casino slot game. If ever there was a time to reach for the stars with a great slot game, this is it. The iconic sci-fi Movies Star Wars comes alive on the casino floor with the game of slots. The game has become a huge hit for players in Vegas and across the world where IGT’s slot games star, and manages to attract hordes of fans who enjoy combining their love of slots with this legendary space opera series which has spawned a media franchise incorporating books, films, TV shows, computer games, comic books and now, casino games. Star Wars slots features all the favorite characters that fans of this series know and love, including Chewbacca, Yoda and Hans Solo. The graphics, as can be expected from a software giant such as IGT, are…

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Begginer’s Guide to Star Wars Slot Machine

I bet, avid Star Wars fans would be glad to know that a Star Wars Slot Machine is an additional tribute to one of the best sci-fi movies ever made in the entire era of the film industry. This slot machine is just as way more coolas any other slot machine there is. It has three base games interfaces and two bonus games – one with duel between Obi-Wan and and Vader and the other is a Death Star bonus. Once you get to pass these three levels, you get to blow the Death Star. It is indeed a very impressive work of art and a well done tribute to the movie we all loved. The team who made it named these three slot machines: Tatooine, Cantina and the Death Star. This new and exciting Star Wars Slot Machine changes based on how much your bet per payline is. However,…

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