Elden Ring & Lost Ark: Evaluation About How To Appeal Players

Since entering 2022, the two most popular role-playing games on Steam have occupied the leisure life of most gamers, namely Lost Ark and Elden Ring. Because the content and mechanics of these two games are very rich, it is not easy for novice players to get started. It requires that we have to invest a lot of time to be able to make significant progress in both.

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Lost Ark and Elden Ring also cater to players looking for a detailed, immersive role-playing experience, with excellent endgame bosses and builds. However, Elden Ring and Lost Ark take very different approaches to catering to gamers’ interests.

Some game critics have called Lost Ark and Elden Ring like the difference between steak and ice cream. Both are so good that it’s hard to compare. Therefore, subjectively it is difficult to say which is more popular between Lost Ark and Elden Ring, although from an aim point of view, the average daily active number of Lost Ark is now higher than that of Elden Ring.

For most players, it’s basically impossible for them to play Lost Ark and Elden Ring at the same time because of the sheer scale of both games and the hundreds of hours they need to invest. So, in order to make a better choice, RPG fans find it necessary to stick with one or the other and play hard. By doing so, gamers have defined their preferences within the genre.

Published by Amazon Games, Lost Ark envisions a world for players with consistent, marked road signs. We can find guides throughout the game, record tasks meticulously in notebooks, and receive treasure chests. If you need more, such as Lost Ark Gold or more advanced step-up guides, you can also get everything you want at IGGM.com.

Elden Ring caused an uproar shortly after its launch because of the lack of an in-game tracking system. Unlike Lost Ark, Elden Ring can be elusive. It takes players into an open field where they have a little sign of where to go next. In a recent update, FromSoftware added the ability to record the location of non-playable characters on the map. Remember them if you want to move on.

Additionally, Elden Ring ramps up the difficulty to horrific levels. From Software has always been known for precisely timing its combat mechanics, punishing players who simply seek a mashup of buttons. Even if you buy Elden Ring Runes/Items a lot before starting the battle, that won’t necessarily complete the challenge 100% of the time. Lost Ark has a distinct style of play. The game revolves around enticing players to engage regularly day in and day out, rather than blocking the influx of players with high difficulty, although Lost Ark’s endgame boss fights can also be very difficult.

Elden Ring is better for those with a high mastery score, while Lost Ark is better for those with a high achievement score. Especially if players scored high in one area and low in another, they would have a stronger preference. If they score well in both categories, they’re likely to be mutual fans of both games.

Like other Souls games, the challenges in Elden Ring are not only difficult but numerous, it requires players to learn and master skills like dodging on time and parrying attacks frequently. While Lost Ark does offer tough endgame boss fights, thanks to its rich and interesting storyline, the step-by-step progression allows players to move to landmarks in a planned way to complete quests.

Both games involve the same work, but they can be frustrating for gamers with different motivations and experience levels. During the beginner phase of Lost Ark, you can play through the prologue or skip it. You’ll be told in advance what rewards you’ll get, which could be a huge amount of Lost Ark Gold or rare gear items. A similar opening section of Elden Ring gives players the option of “taking the plunge” into a black hole, or walking up to a well-lit door that looks safer. But most novice Elden Ring players don’t usually choose to take the plunge, because then they’ll miss the beginner tutorial, and the difficulty in the early stages will be greatly increased, which is not conducive to a good game experience for everyone.

Likewise, Elden Ring has been criticized for its lack of accessibility options. For blind players to know when an attack is about to happen, the audio cues can be a little hard to hear. Deaf and hard-of-hearing players cannot hear audio cues enemies are about to attack them. If they can’t see the enemy on the screen, they don’t know the enemy is about to attack them. Unfortunately, From Software doesn’t add accessibility features for people with disabilities.

Lost Ark doesn’t show the same respect for Elden Ring as gamers in regions like North America and Europe, and it has its own negative reviews. A lot of people are blaming Lost Ark’s pay-to-win mechanics, as players can spend money to buy enough Lost Ark Gold for success, in-game travel discounts and extra convenience. It’s also sparked debate over how the term “pay-to-win” should be defined and whether other games with microtransactions should also be considered pay-to-win for near-final boss battles.

Lost Ark is still free to play, though, giving it an edge over the $60 Elden Ring in terms of player acquisition. A lot of Elden Ring fans are worried about whether they’re paying for the game because it’s so difficult no matter what. And players who love Lost Ark say they just prefer Lost Ark’s free-to-play structure, where they can more specifically decide what to do and how to spend in-game money to buy Lost Ark Gold.

As things stand, Elden Ring fans have to be able to adapt to tough fights and find creative ways to defeat their enemies with ease. However, they can reduce the pressure a little, because IGGM, the best game service provider, can always help them through difficulties, and it also applies to Lost Ark players facing the final boss battle or other difficult situations.

Despite the many differences, there is one unifying factor between Lost Ark and Elden Ring, transporting players to a mysterious fantasy world that is one of the biggest draws of both games.

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To sum up, whether you are in Lost Ark or Elden Ring, I wish you an early success!