What Does it Mean to Be a Gamer Today?

In recent years, technology has changed the way we see games and the people who play them. There was a time were a “gamer” would be looked at as a nerd who hangs out in the arcade all day, or even in the pejorative sense of someone lacking good social skills who hangs out in his parent’s basement all day on the computer.  Video games were initially looked at as child’s play, but those kids grew up and they still enjoyed the games they had grown up on. Now, there are no age, sex, race, religion or gender restrictions on video games. They are well and truly loved by people from all ages and all backgrounds, available in different languages and on different platforms.  Because games have changed so much over the years, the way we define who a “gamer” is has also changed over the years. The past three…

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Learn More About Team Activities in Cybersport

For the longest time, Cyber sport has been known for its game modes. Most of these games are single player or multiplayer. In the early days of Cybersport, only the games were being created. As time went by, the company has developed and released many other modes of play and competition. Nowadays, in today’s world, people have no time to just play alone. They are more interested in what they can do together with their friends and family. They want to interact and compete. For this reason, many companies have created eSports squads. These teams are composed of several players from different nations. Some of these squads will compete against each other, while others will work together to complete different tasks. The crews compete with each other in many ways and can also work together for a variety of goals. Each squad members are given a certain amount of skill…

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