Warzones, Aren’t They Grand?

Instead of capturing your enemies flag to rack up points, in this battle ground you take control of massive cannons that you use to destroy enemy aircraft.  The more you attack your enemy with the cannon supporting your allies fighting in close combat the more you drive enemy to retreat from said battle field.  But remember don’t leave one guy with cannon alone or some sneaky scoundrel will take a shot at his head and you will be the ones running for the hills.

More on this by Rich McCormick over at PC gamer. Here is a snip:

The Old Republic’s warzones are the game’s PvP arenas. When you and your buddies elect to bash some fellow humans, you’ll hop into a warzone from your current location; once complete, you’ll zip back to where you were, resplendent in your new and useful gear. So far, so MMO, but The Old Republic differs from the pack by steeping its PvP combat in lashings of Star Wars lore.

There’s no abstract point collection or artificial fight club context: the warzones are zones for war, conflict that ties in with the universe as set out by LucasArts and compounded by BioWare’s hive of storyobsessed writers. The first shown was set on Alderaan (Leia’s exploded adopted home in the ‘current’ Star Wars timeline), and centred around a planetary defence cannon. Lead PvP designer Gabe Amatangelo explained how having a set objective would change the usual PvP template. “Other MMOs have arbitrary points or something to win – actually having something visual to aim for makes it much more epic.”