Gordon Walton’s Farewell Address

As we reported a few days ago, Gordon Walton is departing Bioware, to take on an executive producer role at Disney-owned social game studio Playdom. Yesterday Walton provided the community with a few words of his own outlining his reasons for departing BioWare and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Below you can read   Mr. Waltons farewell post from the official forums

“Thanks to all the well-wishers and even the haters. A few things I thought I’d mention.

1) SWTOR will be an awesome game!

2) Working at BioWare was my best experience in my 33 years in the games industry so far! It’s not a good company, it’s a GREAT company.

3) I wasn’t working at SOE when the NGE came out, and frankly I was adamantly against doing it.

4) I don’t hate the SWTOR space game or JtL, really! (Read the transcript of the talk or listen to the recording to find out what I actually said, versus what people say I said about space…)

5) Unfortunately, there is very little customer understanding of how the game development business actually works – but that is fine, as seeing how the sausage is made won’t improve your appetite for the games!

Personally, I’ll be buying and playing SWTOR the day it launches. It will be not only something different, but in my mind a more immersive experience than anything that I’ve seen on the market to date.

Best wishes to the potential customers here and all the great folks building SWTOR!