Georg Zoeller to speak about SWTOR at GDC

BioWare’s Georg Zoeller will speak at the Game Developers Conference 2011 about SWTOR. His 60-minute lecture is advertised for a still-determined day and time at GDC but you can bet that TOR fans are excited to hear what he has to say and we’ll be sure to bring you all the juicy info as soon as we have it as well.
GDC website says “The talk will show a selection of interesting 2D and 3D visualizations, discuss lessons learned and provide information on how to get started with the topic on your own project.”
Idea Takeaway: Attendees will learn how BioWare leverages spatial analysis on user generated playtest data to contextualize and better understand user feedback and behavior and how this can be used to rapidly iterate and improve game content.
Intended Audience: Attendees should be familiar with the topic of metrics and telemetry in online games. Familiarity with the mid and end stages of MMO development is helpful but not required.
Eligible Passes: All Access Pass, Main Conference Pass
Zoeller relocated to my area of the world (Austin, Texas) in order to work on BioWare’s project, Star Wars: The Old Republic. He has about as much info as anyone when it comes to the development of this game. It’s going to be exciting to see what his role in this MMO development is going to create as an end result.
If you’re going to be at GDC, make sure you stop by and hear this lecture.

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