RE-Live TV from BioWare Base at Comic-Con

Yesterday BioWare had a live Q&A with Stephen Reid, James Ohlen, Dallas Dickinson and Rich Vogel. unfortunately I was sleeping like a baby while it was on, but WeekendJedi and SoMuchMass has made sure the full Q&A is now on Youtube. Here are the highlights ( Thanks to Ask a Jedi):

  • Collector’s Edition store is actually an exclusive location that only CE owners have access to!
  • Items from this store however will not give people an advantage in power, though weapons and armor will be available
  • Color Stone is gold in addition to adding effects
  • Sharding may be used on launch day, only if absolutely necessary (the practice of creating multiple copies of the same area)
  • Advanced Class change is in the game. 1st swap is cheap. After that it gets expensive
  • Companion AI – off-limits for talking about! James Ohlen is in trouble.
  • Companion customization is flexible, but you can’t swap their genders. You get customization kits to do this, and get more unlocked later
  • Speeder bikes and land speeders in direct response to player and fan feedback
  • No plans for a Mac version currently, Boot Camp suggested 🙁
  • An unannounced feature may get you access to different species/class combos
  • Ship interior customization – it’s in the design plan, but not in for launch
  • Lots and lots of titles in the game

Check out the video below: