Bioware: No Lifetime Subscription Option For Star Wars: The Old Republic

Now that we finally have a release date for SWTOR, many gamers are planning their playtime and devotion to the game. Some so much so that they are ready to pledge themselves to a lifetime subscription to the game or at least wondering if there will be an option to do so if they end up loving the game as much as they are predicting they will.

I enjoy following Stephen Reid, SWTOR’s Senior Community Manager on Twitter because he is always a wealth of information in a hilarious package. His snarky responses when people try to get snippy with him can be pretty funny, too. Ultimately it’s a great source to get your quick-hit SWTOR questions answered and you can learn a lot from the answers he gives to others as well.

On the topic of lifetime subscription options for SWTOR, Reid clarified that they do not have any plans at this time to offer a lifetime subscription option. So there you have it folks, sorry but no dice- at least not for now anyway.

Is this a bad move on their part? Would you buy one if the option was given?