Hall Hood and Chris Collins interview

Swedish website bobafett.se had the chance to talk to  Hall Hood and Chris Collins, when the guys was in Stockholm for the Nordic Immersion Day Event a few weeks ago. The website is in Swedish but the interview is in English, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Here is a snip:

I have to ask about the story itself, what is your favourite story ingame?Hall Hood: I cant choose. I know all the stories and they are great. The reality is our game is such that every class has it’s own unique story. It fulfills its own different fantasy of the Star Wars setting and fills a different niche. So a lot for me depends on what mood I am in on any given day what story I want to play through. That said, I am a smuggler guy. so that is what I want, that is what I enjoy. If push comes to shove I want to be the wisecracking guy with blaster, the ship and the wookies.

Chris Collins: For me it was quite a journey when I first started playing the game because one of the thing was that I wanted to save the one story to last. Save the one I wanted to play, the one to get the most involved in for launch. But I started of playing Jedi Knight to start of with because I knew I was gonna play the full other end as dark as I could. I played it for a while and then moved on to some of the empire classes, especially when I knew I was gonna be at these events and having to coach people. I am sure you have seen some of the stuff Stephen and I have to do live when it comes pvp stuff at these events. I started playing Sith Marauder, really enjoying that and then touched on the agent since I heard great things about it. It is actually so that even though I just reached out to scratch the surface, I got really really drawn in very very quickly because you learn an element of the imperial story that none of the other lore touch on. That is kind of the subterfuge, the sort of back handedness. All the nitty gritty. The veins of the empire. It is a really interesting story, one that is kind of creepy for you to be honest. Definitively one I am saving for launch.

So we have one Empire guy here and one Republic, does this create any conflict for you at work?  Hall Hood: Haha we all play against each other all the times, so yes we have many long standing grudge matches. They will never be resolved and we will just keep playing.

A question regarding that, we have heard a lot about battlegrounds and I am sure you are all battling it out against each other. How is it with the world pvp, is that wide open?Hall Hood: On a pvp server, sure. When you are playing on a pvp-server there are planets that are contested territories between republic and imperial forces. It is fair game and you are gonna have to watch yourself everywhere you go.

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