Guild Summit Application Status

News has now been released about the Guild Summit application status. If you applied to represent your guild, you will be receiving an email shortly (if not already) that tells you whether or not you were selected. If you were not chosen for the first round, hang on to your hats for a couple more days.

Chosen guild leaders have 48 hours to respond to reserve their place or other guilds who have been placed on a waiting list will be chosen in their place.

So if some of the guilds are unable to attend or fail to respond in time, you could still be receiving an invite. Don’t book any flights until you’re 100% confirmed that you will be going to represent your guild.

From the Official SWTOR Community:
Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who applied for the Guild Summit! We received thousands of applications, have spent the past few days reading through every single one, and we really appreciate all the feedback we received.

In a few minutes we’ll begin sending out emails to everyone who applied for the Guild Summit. These emails will let you know if your guild has been selected to attend the Summit at this time. Please do not book any flights or hotels unless you receive an email instructing you to do so. The event has an extremely limited capacity, and without an event badge you will not be allowed into the Summit. Guilds who have not been selected in this first round have been placed on a waitlist, and if any selected guilds do not respond in time, we will open up their space to the waitlist.

Please make sure you check your emails once we confirm that all the emails have been sent out. Any guild leader who receives an acceptance email must confirm their attendance within 48 hours. Guilds who do not confirm in time will lose their place at the Summit to another guild off the waitlist.

If you have any questions about the process once you’ve received your email, please contact Thanks all!

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