SWTOR Guild Summit Day 2

Here we are in Austin for Day 2 of the SWTOR Guild Summit. At 9am, crowds were already gathering in the lobby, getting ready for the big day of events. The doors open to the main ballroom at the DoubleTree hotel at 9:30am and at 10:00am, we begin the welcome and introductions.

Many things on the schedule for today so stay tuned here and to our Twitter to keep up with all the latest news and happenings.

To kick things off today, we hear introductions from Stephen Reid followed by James Ohlen with a state of the game address and a sneak peak at Game Update 2. (Video to follow)

This new update is HUGE. It will be one of the largest free updates ever seen in an MMORPG. It’s the type of content you would find in an expansion to most MMOs. Some highlights:

  • New Warzone
  • New Operation
  • Part 2 of Rise of the Rakghouls
  • New UI Customization (YES!)
  • Warzone rankings
  • Personal rankings for solo and group play
  • New ranked gear items

New in-game events which James Ohlen calls a “surprise”. While there are not a lot of details being offered on this at this time, it sounds promising. Ohlen says they want players to feel like the SWTOR world is dynamic.

Another HUGE release in Game Update 2 that all of us here are very excited about- GUILD BANKS!

We will be getting up to 7 unlockable tabs (that will cost credits) to use for your guild bank. Guild Masters will have flexible controls over the bank.

That’s the sneak peak for now. Next we go to a tour of BioWare Austin studio and unfortunately, no video or photos inside but I will post an update. After that, we’re back in here to discuss all of the above points in more detail.

11:00- Buses leave for BioWare Austin.

You will be able to access the livestream here and to follow the event on Twitter using the hashtag #SWTORSummit. There were 9,000 viewers at the beginning of the live stream! Are you one of them?

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Live stream:


Patrick Murray and Jodi Hodges of Black Bisectors, Twin Spears Server
Waiting to Get Inside the Conference Room
Testing 1.2

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