Malgus Dressing Up as Revan for Halloween

Malgus Dressing Up as Revan for Halloween

Halloween is almost here- what are you going as? It’s an excuse to dress up without fear of being judged (but really, do we care what people think?) and there are parties and drinks (if you’re old enough) and don’t forget- CANDY! For  a little extra fun this Halloween, why not mix in your love of Star Wars/SWTOR?

Malgus seems to be representing Revan this year! When it comes to Halloween, there is usually no shortage of Star Wars themed costumes. I just saw an adorable Yoda getup I’d love for my 10 month old this year. Imagine all the candy he would get!

I also saw an awesome costume on Facebook of a little boy who uses a walker. His dad made him a custom Luke Skywalker costume built around the walker. Pretty cool!

But this year, it’s likely we might see more SWTOR-themed costumes as well. Will non-gamers get the reference? There’s a good chance those who follow the Star Wars storyline will recognize if you go as a SWTOR character. For something very original, why not go as YOUR character from the game?

If you chose a SWTOR-themed Halloween costume this year, what would you be?

And if you want a costume in-game, check out this little nugget found from Darthhater Datamining:

Revans Mask, Chestplate, and Robes are in 1.5

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