Star Wars: Uprising: Patch 3.0 is live!

Patch 3.0 is Came out last week, and you can jump right into the new Lando missions.

Download Star Wars: Uprising for free here.

Patch Notes:

Raid Feature:

  • New End Game content for high end players! The first raids will go live on Monday, 7/18. Stay tuned for a walkthrough.

Lando Feature:

  • Find this iconic character in the Konn Nevos Spaceport to run side missions appropriate to your character level.

Additons and Upgrades:

  • Single Player Revamp – All new cinematics, levels and polish on Storyline Missions.
  • New Monsters, New Bosses: Get ready to face the toughest foes yet.
  • New Gear: New Vanity Sets, as well as 8 and 9 Star Tier II gear in Raids!
  • Crew Run Upgrade – Crew runs will now highlight compatible crew, and the auto fill button will select crew for you.
  • 18 New Crew Members – 12 new 5 Star uniques to be rolled out in coming months!
  • Stacking Components in Inventory – By popular demand!
  • Mass Upgrade of Components – No more upgrading Components one at a time.
  • Friend Invite Spam Prevention – To save those Sector Battle Generals.
  • Improved Multiplayer Performance – Smoother and more reliable Multiplayer Missions.
  • Multiple Bug fixes and Balances.

Gameplay Updates:

  • Buff granting Self abilities have had their durations and cooldowns normalized.
  • Channeled Directional abilities have had their damage normalized.
  • Charge Up Directional abilities have had their damage normalized.
  • Grenade abilities have had their damage normalized.
  • Cover Smoke, Tox Bolas, Concentration and Exploit Weakness have been reworked to be more effective.
  • Lightsaber Abilities have had their cooldowns reduced.
  • Damage from Lightsabers now has additional Armor Penetration.

Update From Kevin.Kabam


I’m here with some udpates the community has been eager to hear. Before I get to the details – many users have wondered what has been going on with Uprising. To be transparent, We are running with a smaller team – but we are still here. Getting 3.0 out ASAP has been our number one priority. The added content and polish in this patch is the result of our continued investment.

In order to manage communication with these resources, I am announcing a weekly cadence of developer updates. Each Monday I will make a post detailing any consolodated updates and responses from the team.

With that being said, Updates!

  • 3.0 is CLOSE. We are expecting a release this week. Patch notes will be released tomorrow.
  • We have reduced the Victory requirements on Resistance Sector Battles to 700 million x Freedom Rating (down from 1 billion x Freedom Rating).
  • We have slightly reduced the Victory requirements on Imperial Sector Battles to 25 million x Freedom Rating (down from 27 million x Freedom Rating). This will grant some more headroom now but really come into effect when freedom ratings rise again.
  • We apologize for any cartels missing CXP rewards. You will have your rewards by the end of this week.

Thank you! Stay tuned for more details about 3.0!