Star Wars: uprising 2.1 Patch Notes

The 2.1 Patch is now live and its a biggy!. What do you guys like/don’t like about the new patch?!

Star Wars: Uprising version 2.1 is now live! Here are the patch notes.


A Note About Electrum and Berubium:

When you log into your account, all Tier II Berubium will be converted into Tier II Weapon Crystal. Any upgrades requiring Tier II Berubium will now require Tier II Weapon Crystal. All Tier II Electrum will be removed from the game. Any upgrades that required Tier II Electrum now require Event Crystals (formerly called Tier I Electrum).

Full Changelist:

Story and Missions:



  • Additional Merchants have appeared in the Anoat Sector. Their stock and prices will change periodically.
  • Odimas in Burnin Konn’s Marketplace focuses on Tier 1 Crystals.
  • Walfrey Solanse in Bespin’s Apex Overlook focuses on Tier 2 Crystals.
  • Bev Plar in Burnin Konn’s Spaceport has an eclectic and varied stock that changes frequently.


  • Fixed a bug with Cryogrenade where some ranks were not behaving as intended. Behavior should now match description.
  • Lowered both duration and damage of Minefield mines.
  • Reduced the amount of energy gained from Relentless Rank 2.
  • Shock Strikes Rank 2 effect “Increased to 10 hits” replaced with old Rank 3 effect “Interrupts all enemies hit.”
  • Shock Strikes Rank 3 effect changed to “Gain 10 energy for each enemy hit.”
  • The effects of Shock Strikes now expire after 15 seconds if not used in that time.
  • Snipe Rank 2 stun effect now requires that snipe be fully charged.
  • Snipe Rank 3 now imperils targets before dealing damage to them.
  • Barrage now slows enemies instead of stunning them.
  • Barrage Rank 2 now Imperils enemies for the duration of the ability, rather than afterwards.
  • Barrage Rank 3 effect changed to “Heavy fire follows targets.”
  • Fixed a bug with Supply Cache that was causing it to spawn in different locations for each player in a multiplayer dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug with Hold Out Blaster that was causing it to do less damage than intended.
  • Slightly increased the Energy Cost of Hold Out Blaster to make it cost the same as the other Channeled Directional abilities.
  • All abilities that are cone shaped now more reliably hit enemies that are close to you.
  • Absolve Rank 3 changed no longer grants bonus Resistance, now instead “Applies any removed effects to nearby enemies.”
  • Absolve Cooldown increased.


  • Thugs now throw grenades more frequently. Thug grenades also now leave patches of fire on the ground for a short time.
  • Droids on Burnin Konn are now easier to kill but deal more damage and spawn in greater quantities.
  • Droids on Mataou are now easier to kill but spawn in greater quantities (although not to the same degree as the Burnin Konn droids). Mataou droids also now try to follow the player when aiming their abilities.
  • Two new Ro Hypa enemies have been added and the previous Ro Hypa enemy has been updated.
  • Boss enemies are now immune to Stun.


  • Crew upgrade recipes have been fixed to remove T2 Electrum and T2 Berubium from all requirements.
  • All Crew have had their Upgrade requirements simplified to use only Stat, Weapon and Event crystals. All Faction-type crystals needed have been shifted to Weapon Crystals; the total number of crystals required remains the same.
  • Fixed a bug where a small number of T1 crew required T2 blueprints.

Crew Runs:

  • Weaknesses on Battle Opportunities have been revised to make them more consistent for each Faction.
  • All Normal and Opportunity crew runs have had their durations reduced.
  • Credit Finder and Reputation Finder crew runs now grant increased rewards, especially at higher star ratings.
  • Weapon Crystal Crew Runs have had their chance of appearing increased to account for greater need on these items.
  • Fixed a bug where T1 crew runs did not consistently stop by the completion of the Bounty Hunter storyline in Act 2.
  • High-star Crew Runs during Act 2 should now appear slightly earlier and slightly more often. Their difficulty has not changed.



  • Tier 2 Gear and Components have had their sell values increased to match the scaling established by Tier 1 gear.
  • All T2 armor sets have had their salvage “tag” display corrected to their actual salvage results.
  • Lightsabers have been made non-sellable to prevent accidental sale.

Social Spaces:

  • Social Spaces will now be populated with Sector Battle winners, Cartel Members, and Friends.

Misc Updates: