Star Wars Uprising: Salvaging for Crystals? Here’s a Chart to Help

You know how we love to bring you tips, hints, tools, advice and other goodies related to Star Wars games. So here’s a neat chart to help you with Uprising. I have  put together, What I belive is a really helpful reference chart to help if you are salvaging for crystals in Star Wars Uprising.

He explains what he has done here:

Here’s a flow chart I’ve put together from my own observations as a quick reference for anyone who is struggling to understand where to get what crystal as a means of upgrading their gear, weapons or crew.

Star Wars Uprising Salvaging for Crystals guide

You can see that the chart is detailed and includes the things you need to know about searching for crystals. You can see where you get the crystals you need, the ranked rewards, sector battles and more.

Now you can keep this handy in case you find yourself looking for specific crystals, or trying to get them all. Do you have any tips for this or other Star Wars games? Know someone who has created a tool or chart we have not shared here before? Drop us a line in the comments or contact us via our website or Facebook and let us know so we can feature it here on the site.

Lisa Clark

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