Companions 101: Vette

BioWare just posted the third installment of  “Companions 101″”. This time Community Production Specialist, Courtney Woods, wrote an article focusing on  the Sith Warrior companion – Vette. Beloow is a snippet, but if you are into Twi’lek’s, you should also check out our own article about this  Exotic race

Vette is all about the extremes. When she likes something, she expresses it immediately. If she is angry at someone, she will flare and snap at them. She will always let the Warrior know how she feels about a decision or the situation, which can be a delight or a pain. If you want to gain Vette’s trust and respect, keep in mind that her three biggest dislikes are needless cruelty, suppressing the weak, and anti-alien sentiment. Since the Empire is known for committing all three of these, it is no surprise that she has little love for the Sith and Imperials. So what are her motivations to help a Sith Lord? I asked Sean why he thinks Vette sticks around:

“Can you say “shock collar?” But even though they start out as master and servant, hopping from planet to planet with the Warrior reminds Vette of her days as an artifact hunter. That was the only time she was ever really free, exploring the galaxy and getting into trouble with a gang of fellow Twi’leks who would become her closest friends.

Of course, all this adventuring together can easily spark a deep kinship between the Warrior and Vette. As the Warrior becomes more of a factor in her life, she won’t be able to help but want the Warrior to succeed.”

When she allows herself to open up, Vette cares deeply about those around her and the warrior is no exception. Even when she was a treasure hunter, all of the money she acquired from the artifacts was used to search for her family.

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Companions 101: Vette