TOR TV: T.H.E. Hardest Ever

T.H.E. Hardest Ever

Here is a pretty interesting Video. This was mailed to us by a reader who wish to be anomynous. It’s back from when the game was new, but still a great SWTOR Machinima. The video was made by Grumbleduck and comes with the following description:

Vindex – T.H.E. Hardest Ever – Machinima

Vindex – Ahto City – EU PVP Server

Just a quick thing I roped some guildies into doing. It’s not been made to be ‘professional’ or anything of the sort; this video was purely made out of bordem and much needed practice.

A laugh and a giggle was had! 🙂
Thank you to Zebba, Blackwrath, Brick and Bunisher for putting up with me during filming!

Check it out below: