Data Dump Patch 2.3.1

swtor dataminingMore good stuff from swtor_miner today and here’s a forewarning: It might contain spoilers.

We have another Data Dump of details from Patch 2.3.1. As always, there is no guarantee that these things will end up in the live game. We also don’t know completely what all this data means when we see it.

Well I wasn’t really expecting this, and I can’t separate some of the 2.4 stuff out of my stored files. But, I ran some straight dumps of 2.3 and 2.3.1 and compared them. This is what got changed or added:

GOM Dump – Includes ids for items, abilities, phases, etc. Note the Rakghoul event entries.

Item Name and Description Dump – If an existing item appears here, they added a new variant or applied a bugfix.

And, all the Cartel stuff that they put on the PTS last week.

Edit: I’ll see about doing a more complete teardown later this week if I see anything. I’ve got a swtor-related side project consuming most of my free time right now.

My favorite goodie on the list? Crew skill trainer holos! How cool would that be?

Also Rakghoul event is coming back.

What are you looking for from 2.3.1?

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