SWTOR Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract Guide

Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract Guide

If you want to do the SWTOR Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract as quickly and efficiently as possible, you might need a little help. Here’s a pretty simple walkthrough First, this one happens in the Justicar Territory, Coruscant.

First, talk to Tam Daral at Senate Plaza, Coruscant Spaceport. Then release Bounty Seeker Probes in Justicar Territory. You will find them and scan, and then at the end you will have to lure out and fight Samovan Bann. You will either kill him or capture him.

Remember that for your first time through you will receive points towards Crime Lord Legacy Achievements. Depending on how you do it you will receive points into one of these three:

  • Wanted: Dead or Alive
  • Bring ‘em All In
  • Take ‘em All Down

When you find him he will land and kill some Justicars on the platform. He has two main attacks that you need to watch out for. The first is a pull attack that is quickly followed by a second ability that knocks you back. This is problematic because you can be knocked off the ledge and it’s game over. If too many players fall off this can cause a lot of stress to the remaining players because of the adds that get released throughout the fight.

To avoid the pitfalls in this fight, it’s recommended that you fight Samovan Bann on the bridge that joins the two platforms together (the ones you came from and the one he’s on). If you face the boss uphill during the fight and you can avoid a lot of the knock off that comes with this fight. You will need to reposition him during the fight so that people aren’t getting thrown off in other directions. This is a good placement to handle the adds as well. If they do manage to come that far, it creates a smaller space to deal with them in versus a large open space with less control.

Once you have him downed, simply return to Tam Daral on Coruscant and turn in the contract. Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract?

The Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract is part of the Bounty Contract Week event in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). It involves tracking, capturing, or killing a high-profile target named Samovan Bann in the Justicar Territory of Coruscant.

How do I start the Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract?

  1. Accept the Mission: Head to the Senate Plaza on Coruscant and talk to Tam Daral to start the contract.
  2. Deploy Bounty Seeker Probes: Travel to the Justicar Territory and deploy the Bounty Seeker Probes to locate your target.

Where do I deploy the Bounty Seeker Probes?

Deploy the Bounty Seeker Probes in specific locations within the Justicar Territory. Look for the highlighted areas on your map where the probes can be deployed. The probes will help you gather intelligence on the target’s location.

What steps do I need to follow to complete the mission?

  1. Talk to Tam Daral: Begin the contract by speaking with Tam Daral at the Senate Plaza.
  2. Deploy Probes: Use the probes in Justicar Territory to gather information.
  3. Track the Target: Follow the clues provided by the probes to locate Samovan Bann.
  4. Confront Samovan Bann: Once located, you have the choice to either capture or kill Samovan Bann. Each choice provides different rewards.
  5. Return to Tam Daral: After dealing with the target, return to Tam Daral to complete the mission and claim your rewards.

What are the rewards for completing the Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract?

Successfully completing the contract rewards you with Bounty Contract items, reputation points with the Bounty Brokers Association, and potentially rare loot. Capturing the target alive typically yields better rewards than killing them.

Are there any tips for successfully completing the Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract?

  1. Preparation: Ensure you have good gear and consumables before starting the mission.
  2. Team Up: Consider teaming up with other players to make the combat sections easier.
  3. Use Probes Efficiently: Pay attention to the information provided by the Bounty Seeker Probes to track the target effectively.
  4. Choice of Capture or Kill: Decide beforehand whether you want to capture or kill Samovan Bann based on the type of rewards you prefer.

Can I repeat the Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract?

Yes, you can repeat the Kingpin Bounty Contracts during the Bounty Contract Week event. Completing multiple contracts will help you gain more reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association and earn more rewards.

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