Additional Personnel Files and Four More Picks for You

imp_crew_01From the developer blogs, we have some very useful personnel files that tell us a bit more about some of the SWTOR crew in upcoming operations.

RECIPIENT: Admiral Ranken
REGARDING: Additional Recruitment

As you requested, our recruiters have secured four additional personnel to serve as flight crew in our forthcoming operations. I have collected their relevant data and my own notes below. They are an unorthodox lot, but I am confident we will find use for them all in time.

NAME: Aven Geth
AGE: 25
HOMEWORLD: Dromund Kaas
RELEVANT SKILLS: Experienced shield technician. Has demonstrated admirable skill in combat situations.
NOTES: Geth was officially discharged from the Imperial Navy under unclear circumstances unrelated to his mission performance – some kind of political maneuvering, no doubt, and nothing worthy of our concern. His eagerness to prove himself and return to official Imperial service will make him an enthusiastic asset.

And then we have…

TYPE: Astromech
MANUFACTURER: Automata Galactica
RELEVANT UPGRADES: Prototype Czerka NaviGo chipset. Complex routing algorithm processor. Starship sensor/communications schematics current.
NOTES: A prideful little thing, but with good reason. The droid used to be in service to Darth Immern as a navigator despite not being programmed for any position of the sort. I suspect Immern saw hidden potential when he decided to spend a fortune on having the astromech upgraded. Or maybe he was simply insane; it’s hard to say.

And there is also Salana Rok and Writch Hurley. Check out the original link on the develop blog to see more about them.

And then they also have four more picks:

First up is Kendra Novar. She’s a top-notch slicer – if it’s got a computer, she can make it sing. She used to crack banks and casino accounts, but a quick stint in the justice system has convinced her to put her skills to better use. Crook or not, she’s got a good heart. You can trust her.

Next, I managed to get you B-3G9, as requested. Not quite the droid he used to be back at the Battle of Bothawui – some kind of reprogramming mix-up has him halfway swapped to protocol functions. Still, even half of B-3G9 is better than all of any other defensive strategic analyst out there.

And you have to check out the full post for pictures as well as bio on Oro Wogawa and Ashy.


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