Kuat Drive Yards Background story and gameplay

[spoiler] few PTS Screenshots of the new GSF hangar on fleet and Kuat Drive Yards FP

Lot’s of awesome new stuff is tested on the PTS right now. If you haven’t been playing around on the PTS your self yet, you are missing out. Here are a few of the new cool things you can experience.

Here is a little story/cutscene background for those who havn’t experience the Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint on the PTS yet. The PTS is kinda buggy right now as you cannot get to that GS area in the fleet where the intro cutscene for the Kuat Drive Yards begins unless you do the flashpoint first via the group finder. This mess up the sequence a bit so it can be a bit confusing. Luckily Dulfy rearranged the cutscenes in order they are meant to be viewed.

This little clip give you some intro on Kuat Drive Yards, the recently introduced GS exclusive companions, and a bit of connection between the ground game to GS.

Interesting note, the Republic one is about 1 min shorter than the Empire cutscene.

Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint gameplay:

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Here are a few PTS Screenshots of the new GSF hangar on fleet and Kuat Drive Yards FP entrance:

And here is a few screenshots of the Imperial GSF area on the PTS. THis area is unreachable from the fleet currently. The only way to get here is to groupfinder queue into the new Kuat flashpoint, and exit to it’s exit location.
There are four doors that resembled your ship hangar elevator doors. Which I’m guessing are the intended way to access it.