2014 Community Cantina Tour Locations


BioWare’s Courtney Woods updated the forum community with a list of locations the Community Cantina Tour will be visiting through out 2014. Below is the list of locations as well as the estimated date time frame for the events. When we come closer to the event they will post a blog with further details for that Cantina Tour – until then these are subject to change!

  • Atlanta, GA – February 28th
  • Boulder, CO – March 21-23rd
  • Boston, MA (PAX East) – April 11-13th
  • Vancouver, Canada – May 23-25th
  • Los Angeles, CA (E3) – June 10-12th
  • San Diego, CA (SDCC) – July 24-27th
  • Cologne, Germany (Gamescom) – August 13-17th
  • Seattle, WA (PAX Prime) – August 30th – September 2nd
  • New York, NY (NYCC) – October 9-12th
  • Las Vegas, NV – November 7-9th
  • Austin, TX – November 21-23rd

It’s interesting til notice they only will visit Europe once, and no meetings a planned in the Midwest this year.

If these event’s follows the same format as the they use to, they will give everybody that comes to the event a SWTOR branded USB stick with some future content teasers. These will properly on the upcoming two expansions the mention will be out this year. Participants also get a free drink, chow on some hors d’oeuvres, a welcome by a community team rep (Eric Musco at mine), a Q&A session, and then the BioWare folks hang around till the event’s scheduled end time and you can engage them in personal conversations if you can elbow your way through the throngs of SWTOR fans surrounding each of the BioWare reps. We look forward to all of them this year.