Bioware releases details on upcoming expansion; Creating Makeb!

In a move that could possibly be interpreted as a sign that we’re getting closer to the release of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, Bioware has released a video that provides additional details on Makeb, the planet that’s the main focus of the expansion

In specific, SWToR’s Lead Writer, Hall Hood and Lead Concept Artist, Ryan Dening provide insight on the background story of the planet as well as the new features we should expect to see.

During the interview, both men don’t go into extreme details about what’s going to be included with the expansion – just some details to wet our appetite and keep interest levels high. Makeb will be introducing two new features – the use of space elevators that will connect the space station to the surface, the use of Hutt Sail Barges as well as some unspecified technical enhancements that will affect gameplay. Bioware is keeping its lips sealed on the details of the new features which is typical for the Austin-based developer.

swtor ROTHC