Results for Conquest Week 4 – The Dread War

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I run and I have been asked to be a guest writer summarizing the conquests each week.

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Week 4 of Strongholds are officially over.

I wanted to point out a few interesting bits.

The Harbinger once again shows that have some seriously dedicated guilds. Their lowest score by the wampa stampers beating the highest scores on most other servers.

Once again on Jedi Covenant; Rancor Bait , Working as Intended , Hellbent , and Holocron get early leads on each of their planets and never drop below first place. Early on in the week they had first place secure.

On Jung Ma the battle for Section X and Oricon were close.
Until Sunday Umbra  seemed to have first place secure. But late on Sunday the remnants of hope finally managed to get past them and get first place.
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On Oricon, Uncharted Space and nightmare squadron kept going back and forth for first place. Few hours before the scores were locked Uncharted Space managed to get ahead.

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There were many great battles fought on each server. Many of them very close. Each week I will try to focus on different servers.