The Guild Sphere: Harbinger

It’s time for another guild interview. Today I had the chance to speak to Tomppa from my own server Tomb of Freedon Nadd. Tomppa is guild leader of the guild Harbinger, a Finnish republic guild currently looking for active players of any class.

Where did your guilds name come from?
To be honest i dont know the origins of the name since i am not the original GM, but i would imagine that someone had played Mass Effect 2 a lot 🙂

Can you give me a quick 2-3 sentance description of your guild?
Harbinger is somewhere between hardcore and casual, when the game launched we were pretty much an hardcore guild but since that we don’t play that much anymore. Overall we are a very relaxed guild, probably 20-30% of our mumble talk is someone laughing.

How did your guild come about?
Most Finnish guilds are playing on the empire side, so it was the people who wanted to play as the “good guys”

What kind of play style do you focus on? PvE, PvP, RP:
PvP, and we are one of the highest rated teams on the Republic side on Tomb Of Freedon Nadd. Right now we are at 2,3k rating and its going up everyday.

What is your guild set up? How do you run your guild?
As an dictatorship, i dictate everything that we do. No in all seriousness even though i can be very stubborn i always listen to my officers and members. But its not exactly an democracy as i believe you wont get anything done in an MMO guild that way.

How serious do you play and/or run the guild?
Well like i already answered we used to play very hardcore, but now most of our members log in at about 5-7pm and we run a raid or play ranked warzones for 3-4 hours a day. Sometimes we play even more but pretty much everyday we play atleast 3 hours of ranked warzones

Do you have ranks or a certain hierarchy in your guild?
Yes, i do have 5 officers with me. But its an quite loose hierarchy, as we try to keep a relaxed atmosphere in the guild. And we have succeeded very well at keeping things relaxed we’ve been playing for almost 9 months now and we’ve only had 1 problem with an member an that was back in january.

Why did you choose the Republic?
Because Republic has Jedis, im a huge fan of Star Wars and playing Empire just didnt feel right 🙂

Why do you run a guild?
Because someone has to, summer took its tax at our guild and we did lose a few members and they probably wont be coming in the fall. Even though we still have a lot of active members and we have about 16-18 players who log in everyday i want to recruit more people. When SWTOR launched Harbinger was the largest Finnish guild, i would like to restore us to that position.

How do you approach Raid Planning?
Well to be honest we haven’t raided once during summer, we’ve been playing only ranked warzones. We used to raid hardcore, 4-5 raids a week when Explosive Conflict launched and if i remember right we got it to 3/4 within 3 or 4 week since it launched. But then i got so fed up with the fact that i was raiding almost all the time, so i quit PvE and switched to PvP. We are raiding again now, but with a more relaxed attitude. We distribute loot for the people who need it the most.

Are you always open for new recruits or do you want to keep a certain guild size?
Yes, we are indeed looking for new members. All classes are welcome

Age Requirement?
18, but exceptions can be made as we do have a short trial period.

Guild size?
About 50 players, and we aim to get bigger.

What makes your guild stand out from everyone else? What makes your guild unique?
The people, i have been playing MMO’s for 7-9 years and this is absolutely the best guild i have ever been in. We have been very fortunate that we only have extremely cool and funny people in the guild. I spend many hours a day in Mumble because the people who hang out there are very nice, we have had a few IRL meetings and every meeting was amazing.

What Other Games are you currently playing as a guild?
Right now we are also playing ARMA2 mod DayZ, and we will also start a guild in Guild Wars 2 when it launches.

If somebody is interested now how and where can they apply for membership?
Anyone can apply at Or they can just come talk to me ingame if they want more info.

One last question, if there was one thing you could ask the Dev’s to include, what would it be?
When are you going to fix tab-targeting? I have broke a few keyboards because of this.