SWToR Streams and vids

We’re back with version of Streams and Vids! The last two weeks of September proved to be very busy for all SWToR streamers and, in general, content creators. Maybe it was the full release of Galactic Strongholds to preferred members or maybe it is the anticipation of Patch 3.0 and the new expansion. Either ways, SWToR fans as well as Bioware hit Twitch and streamed their latest work.

1. SWToR Official Stream  – Rakata Prime flashpoint and end teaser. Stream with Eric Musco and Lead Writer Charles Boyd. Watch as they run the Rakata Prime flashpoint and reveal a small teaser at the end of the stream.


2. State of the Galaxy Episode 5 . On this episode the host of the show is joined by most of Death and Taxes to discuss the events of the 2.10 patch. Topics include lore, class changes, pvp, and speculation about what we’ll see in 3.0.


3. SWTOR PvP 2.10 – [Carnage Marauder 54] Holding the Zero – Ancient Hypergate. A Rare To See Game in Ancient Hypergate. Carnage Marauder PvP Gameplay.