Could There Be Another CGI Trailer for the Expansion?

Could There Be Another CGI Trailer for Star Wars The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire

We all know there was a great deal of hype about the new expansion and the trailer for it when it was revealed (and even when some info was leaked early). So a big question now is: will there be another CGI trailer? There are some fans who definitely think there might be. With all the efforts and marketing budgets they have dumped into marketing KotFE so far, there is a very good chance we might see a second trailer. This is the kind of thing that would surprise a lot of fans and definitely continue to fuel the hype train about the new expansion.

What are some subtle signs there could be another trailer coming soon? Well, it’s all speculation of course, but the only characters who had artwork in the Fallen Empire page were the ones in the new trailer. Maybe this is a sign they have some new artwork coming along with a new trailer? Or maybe it’s just runaway thinking and they forgot (or got too busy to go back and add) all the artwork.

Reveal trailers are the real deal and bread and butter in this industry but launch trailers are also not unheard of and while the budgeting is not cheap for such a thing, there’s a good chance they went out here and sprung for it. After all, this is an expansion that could potentially revive the game’s playerbase in a big way.

Do we really need another trailer to decide if we want to play the expansion? Doubtful for anyone reading this right now. That said, there might be some new players or old players on the fence about returning who could be swayed enough by another trailer to make it worth their expense.

What do you think?

Lisa Clark

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