Star Wars Battlefront Preview- PCMag


PCMag recently teamed up with a PR representative for a single round of Survival Mode. When you play this mode in the full game it will have players going up against 15 waves of enemies on multiple different planets that include Hoth and Endor. However, during the PlayStation 4 demo they took on six waves on the beautiful deserts of Tatooine.

The main object of the mode is to stay alive but sometimes they received secondary missions from Admiral Ackbar to find and defend the weapon cache pods. If one player dies but the other one lives and finishes the round, both Rebel soldiers can go to the next round.

The new Star Wars: Battlefront is currently being developed by DICE and they are known for making the Battlefield series. Just like Battlefield, Star Wars: Battlefront is mainly a large multiplayer experience. The only single-player part of the game will be bot missions. You will be able to play as third or first person, but the game defaults to the standard FPS controls. When you play the full game you will be in the cockpit of the classic Star Wars Starfighters, but during the demo that was played it was only on land.

There were actually quite a few moments when Battlefront felt like the interactive Star Wars movie that fans have been waiting so long for. When the AT-ST walkers arrived, they used their heavy weapon and brought them down with several large blasts. The Battlefield games are among some of the best-looking games of their respective eras and Star Wars: Battlefront continues this legacy. The game’s visuals are the best for the next-generation platforms. During the play-through, Tatooine seemed open, vast, and detailed. The performance of the game stayed solid even while vehicles were exploding around them.