SWTOR 3.3 Yavin 4 Stronghold Tour & Overview

SWTOR 3.3 Tour - Yavin 4 SH

In the video linked below you will have a chance to explore the full unlocked Stronghold of Yavin. It was released with SWTOR’s Patch 3.3 on July 22nd. The initial purchase is 2.5 mill credits or 2500 Cartel Coins. You can unlock 9 more rooms and areas for a total of 10. The price for all is 13 mill credits or 20 500 Cartel Coins. There are 16 hooks for a big decoration (centrepiece) and 2 starship hooks. Each room costs between ~500k and 2.5 mill credits or 2000 Cartel Coins, they also add between 25 and 50 new decorations for a total of 750. The initial unlock grants 250 decorations. To unlock this new Stronghold for your guild, you will have to pay the much higher price of 15 mill credits.