SWTOR PAX Prime Make-up Livestream – August 26th

SWTOR PAX Prime Make-up Livestream

Bioware will be at PAX Prime next week, and has now posted the time table and details of the Pax Prime Make up Livestream. This live stream will be showcasing Chapter 3 gameplay of the upcoming expansion Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire. Check it out:

PAX Prime Make-up Livestream – August 26th | 08.20.2015, 03:24 PM

Hey folks,
I wanted to let you know about the exact details of our livestream planned for next week:

When: 5PM PDT
Who: Bruce Maclean, Michael Backus, Ben Scott, and myself

  • We will be showing you gameplay from parts of Chapter 3
  • The team will answer questions from chat throughout the stream
  • A shareable link for the 2015 PAX Prime Cantina Tour Pack, which includes the PAX exclusive Prinawe Aggregate
  • A first reveal of a familiar face you will see in Knights of the Fallen Empire
  • We will be talking some nitty-gritty details about how Companions will work in KotFE, both current and future

Looking forward to seeing you all there. As I mentioned before, we will also post a recap here on the forums after the stream of some of the points we discussed.