SWTOR Season 6 PvP Statistics

Are you curious about how SWTOR PvP went along in Season 6? You know how we love bringing you player-based graphics, videos and other goodies? Well, here’s a good infographic that gives us a ton of interesting stats about Season 6. You can see the best solo PvP classes, some notable players like Sirox and Fitvelkiz, the best NA and EU servers and a graph of their ratings, and the links to more figures. It’s fairly simple and I would love to see even more data in there but overall, it’s a pretty decent chart. I love data so I’m all about seeing more but as I said, it’s still pretty interesting.

If you want the actual figures, you can find them here. It contains much more data about class-specifics in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This spreadsheet really got my interest even more than the infographic because I just love data. You can see averages for the top players on each server, class stats and more. Top NA servers include The Harbringer, Shadowlands and Ebon Hawk. Top EU servers include T3-M4, Red Eclipse and Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

See the infographic here:

SWTOR Season 6 PvP Statistics

Some interesting stats:

  • The average rating difference in Sage/Sorc & Gunslinger/Sniper is 665!
  • Darth Nihilus gets the Jar Jar Award with the lowest average server rating of 1284
  • The skill difference in T3-M4 & Darth Nihilus is a staggering 1,005 Rating. Yikes!

What do you think? Want to see more stats? Did you participate in Season 6? Do you have any tips or ideas that could make Season 7 of SWTOR PvP better?

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