Massive Battlefront 2 LEAK, Heroes, Vehicles, Units and More!

Anxious for Battlefront 2? Now you can see a major leak full of info about heroes, vehicles, units, and more! Keep in mind, this information is going to be outdated since it came from leakers and the content has been and will continue to be updated after. The leakers said this content was prior to the gamescom event in August, so there’s a good chance there will be more than this in the game as well. There’s also a free DLC with the game this time, so that will be even more added content. For now, you can take a look at the video below to see what we know so far.

This past week has been crazy with Star Wars Battlefront 2 information being leaked from left to right, starting first with only a piece of the cake, and now we get the whole cake and eat it too. At this point if everything stands, we know about what 95% of the content that will be released on launch day. At the same time, the leak information we do have, while it’s a lot, is slightly outdated so there is still chance for even more content to come out.

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So, what do you think so far? Like what you see? Are you excited about any particular piece of content more than the others? What did you want to see that you’re not seeing yet?

Lisa Clark

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