All Darth Malgus Cutscenes in Jedi Under Siege

DARTH MALGUS Returns to SWTOR in Jedi Under Siege Patch 5.10, Star Wars: The Old Republic – All Darth Malgus Cutscenes from his carbonite unfreezing until the end.

He’s baaaccckkk! Many will agree that Malgus should really be dead by now but he has an uncanny ability to make it through everything and return again and again. He came back to SWTOR with the recent Jedi Under Siege Patch 5.10 and YouTuber xLetalis took the time to compile all the cutscenes into one video for us.

If you haven’t played through yet, then you may not want to watch it yet, unless you don’t mind potential spoilers. But if you have played through and you just want to enjoy Malgus again in all his glory, you’ll love this compilation video.

What did you think? Which one is your favorite Darth Malgus scene? Let us know in the comments.

Lisa Clark

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