Evolution of Star Wars Games 1982 – 2018

Evolution of Star Wars Games 1982 – 2018

★Evolution of Star Wars games from Atari to PlayStation 4★ ★1982 – 2018★

Star Wars gaming is as old as me! Every year or so, I get excited about writing one of these. This year, there’s an awesome video compilation I can add to it (up to 2018 games).

Perhaps we will FINALLY see some great new Star Wars games added to the mix in 2019 so next year’s roundup article and video will have some new material.

Seriously though, every time I look at this, I see how far things have really come. How far the gaming industry has come, how much the graphics and playstyle has evolved, and how much we must love our Star Wars because it’s still alive and well for new generations to enjoy!

Check out the video to see a mashup of all of these great Star Wars games over the years (over 35 years of them, to be exact) and let us know your favorites below.

What do you think? Which of these games do you recall playing yourself? Was it like a fun little trip down memory lane?

Lisa Clark

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