Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insights – the Finalizer!

Here is the break down the new First Order capital ship, the Finalizer! You can find the kit reveal in the Arena and Character Strategy section of the forums or read on below to find out more.

The Basics:

  • The Finalizer is a new First Order capital ship commanded by General Hux.
  • Finalizer directly synergizes with First Order fleets and grants offense bonuses.
  • Alongside Raddus, Finalizer is useful as a secondary fleet in Territory Wars and Grand Arena.
  • Finalizer is almost the complete opposite of Raddus in terms of abilities, every Finalizer ability is some form of attack while Raddus is almost entirely defensive.

Unique Attributes:

  • New Debuff – Hunted – Deal 75% less damage with out of turn attacks and can’t gain bonus Turn Meter. Hunted also has a specific interaction with the Finalizer’s Unique ability, Two Steps Ahead, that provides a critical damage bonus when a First Order ally defeats a Hunted enemy.
  • The new Hunted debuff is applied via the Ultimate ability, and it’s important to note that the Ultimate starts off cooldown.
  • The Finalizer gains a boost of speed from the unique, Two Steps Ahead, for each First Order in the starting line up but this does not include First Order ships in reserve.


  • This ship does not appear much outside of Ep VII: The Force Awakens so we primarily drew from this movie, particularly the escape scene with Poe and Finn.
  • We also pulled inspiration from a few new places. Some of the designers had visited the Rise of the Resistance ride at Galaxy’s Edge which explores the Finalizer in more depth than we get to see in the film and gave us a close up look at the inner workings of the ship.
  • Finalizer, along with the rest of the First Order, is mainly focused on hunting down the Resistance so we wanted this to play a significant role in the kit.

Strategy Tips:

  • One habit that’s going to be hard to break is remembering to use the Ultimate ability first! We almost turned off all the Finalizer’s other abilities so you couldn’t forget but decided that was too drastic.
  • Defeat Hunted ships with the TIE Silencer or at least a FO ship – Silencer is the most effective choice to finish off enemy ships as it already has scaling offense built into its kit and can generate Advantage. TIE Silencer will likely be your top damage dealer in this fleet plus it provides some utility with a fairly regular stun on basic.
  • You will also want to funnel as much Turn Meter as possible from Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle into TIE Silencer. Again, you want to give the Silencer many chances to defeat Hunted enemies and turn into a damage dealing machine.
  • Lastly, don’t forget your fleet will receive Reinforcement buffs at the start of a battle through the Unique, Two Steps Ahead. Keep this in mind when building your fleet, as you may want to start with TIE Silencer out initially and not save it as a reinforcement.

Special Interactions:

  • The Unique, Two Steps Ahead, does not trigger debuffs from Reinforcement abilities such as FO Tie Fighter Pilots’ Target Lock for example

Fleet Suggestions:

  • You will likely want all First Order ships in the starting line-up in order to get bonus speed and reinforcement bonuses.
  • Though there is no dedicated tank in this faction’s fleet, First Order can usually over power the enemy fleet with its variety of stuns and overwhelming offense.
  • Once fully upgraded and you have all First Order ships in your starting lineup, the Finalizer will go before the enemy capital ships due to the speed boost in the Unique ability, Two Steps Ahead.
  • In testing, the Hound’s Tooth was actually better as a reinforcement in our experience. This enabled the Finalizer to start with additional speed and triggered more reinforcement abilities.