Black Jack - info about a Star Wars pirate and about the card game itself

Black Jack: The Star Wars pirate

What do you know about blackjack? Are we talking about the card game or the Star Wars pirate? It could easily be either, depending on who you ask. Most people are familiar with the card game but only the best Star Wars fans will know about the pirate. Let’s talk about both for a few. 

You can learn more at if you want to learn the rules, strategies for winning play, or play online at trusted casinos. Let’s look at the Star Wars Black Jack for a few.

Airen Cracken said, “”Few are certain how Black Jack got his name. Some say it’s from the jet-black color of his hair, others say it’s because he and his pirates seem nothing more than shadows when they infiltrate ships to steal.

Black Jack was a pirate and starship thief, considered to be a big nuisance to the New Republic of Star Wars. He had a bounty on him worth a 25,000-credit reward because of his theft and piracy and also kidnapping and sabotage. 

He was known for a lot of theft of New Republic property, but he was best at his starship theft. The stories people told said that when he was even just a child, he could hot-wire ion drives. He and his pirates could infiltrate and take over ships by first hiding as stowaways or in the cargo holds, then taking over the ships using minimal, if any, violence. 

Rather than take things by force, they would hack into the computer systems and inject viruses or put pacifying gases into the life support systems. His crews always worked to subdue, rather than harm and he was quite merciful. He was a very interesting character, indeed. And no one really knows what happened to the ships he stole. It was said that he stole hundreds of ships, but it’s not clear what he did with them. 

Now, if we’re talking about blackjack the game, then you may already be familiar with the popular card game. It is also known by the name “twenty-one”. The rules are simple and it can be fun to play at parties, with family, or even in the casinos. It just requires a basic understanding of the rules and the cards found in a standard card deck. 

It has a rich history going back to the 1700s but today, blackjack is one game that can be found in every casino. What’s the object of the game? Each participant attempts to beat the dealer by getting a count as close to 21 as possible, without going over 21. When you know the cards that are in the standard deck, it can help you win the game. In some casinos, they play with multiple decks of 52 cards, which can make it harder. 

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