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The Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand classifies casinos as a “High Expenditure” entertainment activity. Data provided in the Department’s datasheet show that expenditures by the people of New Zealand in a casino were $504 million in the year 2019 to 2020. However, those of the lottery games as submitted by the NZ Lottery commission were $631 million. But, the external gaming machines not housed in a casino had more expenditure with a total of $802 million. The data shows that New Zealand is a country whose population derives pleasure in gaming, not only in top online casinos NZ but also in other gaming platforms.

So, which games top the list on these gaming platforms?

  • Slots 
  • Roulette 
  • Blackjack
  • Poker 
  • Baccarat 


Statista reports a total of 1,140,743 slots machines available to punters across the universe as of July of 2020 in a report tabled in October of 2021. These slots are present in casinos worldwide and are inclusive of online, offline, and the most recent launches of interactive slots! Also, these are accessible via Top NZ casinos through the instant, demo, or mobile phone modes. 

European Business News highlights that the best pokies in New Zealand include Gonzo’s Quest, a Mayan Jungle Themed slot. The second is Megah Moolah, a game through which a New Zealand citizen bagged $6.7 million in winnings, and Immortal Romance, a vampire lovers-fantasy-themed slot. Players also get a chance to play offline with slots. Top casino sites in New Zealand provide offline games where individuals download and play even without an Internet connection. The Book of Ra, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, and Scatter Slots are some of the best offline slots, according to the Kiwi Gambler. 

All these slots ask for a small amount to place a wager. But, New Zealand players can also do so for free on several major game titles, including Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones 243 ways, Book of Dead, and Reel Rush, among others, according to Slots Info, an online website for all games slots!


It is hard to miss the game genre whenever visiting one of the top New Zealand casinos. The game is described by many as “Pure Chance” for any potential winnings. Roulette Sites, an organisation dedicated to explaining this fantastic casino game title, explains that “the overall game design is simple. The game designers aimed to ensure that every player enjoyed playing the game.” They didn’t include in the statement that “the game simplicity is the trap as the outcomes are never as expected and potential winnings are always high! Plus, the game is highly volatile.”

It doesn’t mean that New Zealand gaming professionals don’t make huge wins on the wheel. Back in 2016, an anonymous player bagged over $100,000 playing online roulette on one of the top casinos in the country. In an interview, the player said his account had $1000 when he started playing, and the amount dropped to $500 before he got his first break, and the balance shot to $2000. From there, he says its history and the wins cemented roulette as a favourite for many New Zealand punters!


The classic title has been in place in New Zealand since the European Settles introduced it to the local Kiwis. Blackjack and other card games were brought along together with dice. As a result, blackjack holds a special place amongst the hearts of the local New Zealand population. The game has the easiest gameplay, easily accessible through any selected top New Zealand casinos. The simple rules and straightforward gameplay is what makes the game a favourite! 

Gameplay involves playing against the house, dealer, or casino. In most instances, the house advantage is low, and the game’s volatility is also low. It means you can gather smaller wins for a more extended period or can expect returns from amounts gambled! However, New Zealand punters should never forget the advantage is always to the house, and employing a working strategy can result in a proper win!

The game genre has several variations available today. However, winning requires one genre, one step, and a player. In 2012, several New Zealand pros managed to scoop $500,000 in blackjack wins in a single week. The players remain anonymous/ unknown to date. The winnings were from online Blackjack Switch!


After the legalisation of poker back in 2003 for New Zealand players, it has gained popularity and continues to grow each day. Today, players can play on land casinos and offshore sites providing gambling services in New Zealand. Poker may not have a rich history in the country, but it is a game most people desire to have proficiency in and become a professional! The drive comes since the introduction of the World Poker Tours in 2002 and other region-based tours. Players in these matches and tournaments get a chance to bring home millions in prizes on poker. 

However, poker gameplay isn’t straightforward. One has to put in the effort and time to learn various strategies, develop one’s moves, and become conversant with the different game variations. However, you can specialise in a few, and if offered on tour, all you need is to register and play! Some of the favourite titles for players in New Zealand include Omaha and Texas Hold ’em!


It is a game that has a rich history amongst Europeans and Asians. However, what is more appealing to New Zealand players in baccarat is the game’s simplicity. Gameplay and rules are easy to identify, learn and understand. Also, game odds from the casino are favourable to players making it a must-play game title. First, the house edge is low, and the payouts are pretty high. Players do not need to master a strategy like in poker, but it is better to bet on the house when wagering! The outcomes are much more enticing! 

New Zealand players accessing the game online can play against the casino software or live. In a live game, you get a live dealer and opponents with the game being streamed live on your device. The gameplay doesn’t change, and neither does the house edge! 


Top NZ casinos have several game genres at titles available to players. The games vary in genre and gameplay, with the first in this selection of the best fun is Slots. Slots are the most favourite game genre, followed by table games. You will find various types of slots and other titles, including blackjack and poker! Players have a chance to use which game is more suitable and which has a more significant potential of earning a win! Therefore, you will find New Zealand players perusing the list of top NZ casinos looking for the best game offers!