Online Casinos

Online casinos enable the players to play and gamble on the casino games through the internet. These casinos often offer a higher percentage on the odds and payback than the traditional or land based casinos. Online casinos use download based or web based platforms to operate. The download based operators require the players to download the software in their devices, whereas, the web based platforms allow the players to play the games online through their internet browsers. Online casinos have been much popular since the mid-1990s. 

Sci-fi slots:

Online slots enable the players and gamblers to experience the games as if they are playing in a real physical casino. Players place the bet and pull the virtual lever instead just like they do in a real casino, and the number of drums starts spinning around. As the drums stops spinning with the different images on them lining up, the various arrangements of images give out the prize payouts to the winners of the games. These online slots constitute the 90% of the online casinos. 

Sci-fi slots are one of the most popular forms of slots, and are considered the best online casino games. These are made by through the concepts of science fiction television shows, comics, and films. Players can play interactive, adventurous and space-voyage bonus games and in retro alien games in galaxies far, far away with scientific and fictional characters.  These slots are highly popular in the online casinos of UK, USA and Australia. These online slots are available with the terms like sci-fi-themed slots, futuristic-themed slots, alien-themed slots, robot-themed slots, or space-themed slots,

Sci-fi games have many subcategories as well based on comics, films, novels etc. some of the popular sci-fi slots today are: 


Star Dust is a space-based slot that has five reels and forty paylines by Microgaming Casino Slots. This game provides a retro-feeling with a perfectly generated mixture of traditional and galactic themes. Players have to recognize the familiar playing card symbols with colorful jewels. The game’s theme is a beautifully created spiral galaxy serving as a centerpiece of this game. 


Terminator series is one of the most beloved action science fiction film series of all time. The slot enables the players to experience the to play as everyone’s favorite action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and to battle the evil computer overlords of Skynet and their army of machines. In the game, Players can enjoy bonus rounds and free spin multipliers too.

  1. Star Wars Themed Slots: 

Star Wars is one of the popular and most prominent fictional series of today’s time. People from all over the world are fascinated with it and always want to look for more. Slot games based on Star Wars-theme like Drone wars, Battlestar Galactica Slot, and Starbust slot are quite popular in the online casinos.  These games offer a higher payout as well, and some of them offer 5 reels and up to 10 pay lines that can reward players with exclusive 50,000 points. 

Sci-fi slots offer the sci-fi lovers to enjoy their playing and gambling time along with experiencing the characters and stories they love.