LEGO honors Father's Day with a touching Star Wars short film, offering an alternate ending for the Skywalker duo, celebrating the father-son bond.

LEGO Celebrates Father’s Day with a Heartwarming Star Wars-Themed Short Film

In a galaxy not so far away, LEGO has found a unique way to celebrate Father’s Day by creating a heartwarming short film that features one of the most iconic father-son duos in the Star Wars universe: the Skywalkers.

The film, released on June 18 to coincide with Father’s Day, offers an alternate, more cheerful ending to the famous saga. It picks up from the climactic showdown in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, where an animated Darth Vader minifigure is seen Force-choking Luke Skywalker after the latter tries to give him a wrapped present. Despite his struggles, Luke uses the Force to successfully gift the present to his father, revealing it to be a Star Wars-style mug emblazoned with “#1 Dad”​​.

This simple act of gifting triggers a wave of emotions in Vader. He looks at Luke and imagines all the memories they could have shared together on Tatooine. He visualizes them building C3PO together, learning how to fight with a lightsaber, and driving a landspeeder for the first time​​.

Coming back to reality, Vader is inspired by this connection with his son to protect him from Emperor Palpatine. In a scene reminiscent of the original movie, he throws Palpatine over the edge of a railing. However, unlike in the film, Vader doesn’t perish from his battle with Palpatine. Instead, he survives to enjoy a drink with his son, with Luke casually sipping on a carton of the signature Star Wars beverage, blue milk​​.

The film offers a poignant view of the Skywalker relationship and paints a charming picture of what could have been if Vader, or Anakin Skywalker, had survived to foster a relationship with his son. The short film is indeed a joy to watch and leaves fans wishing they could get their hands on the cool “#1 Dad” mug that Vader proudly owns, although that doesn’t seem to be possible just yet​​.

In conclusion, LEGO’s Star Wars-themed short film for Father’s Day is more than just a playful reimagining. It taps into the essence of the father-son bond, even in a galaxy far, far away, and reminds us all of the powerful and enduring love between a father and his child.