Star Wars Battlefront 3: The Untold Story of a Missing Sequel

Star Wars Battlefront 3: The Untold Story of a Missing Sequel

The Star Wars Battlefront series has been a staple in the gaming community since its first release in 2004. The franchise, which began under LucasArts—now Lucasfilm Games—captured the hearts of Star Wars enthusiasts with its immersive battles and faithful representation of the Star Wars universe. The series saw a revival with EA DICE’s reboot in 2015 and a sequel in 2017, but the future of Star Wars Battlefront 3 remains shrouded in mystery and speculation.

A New Hope for Battlefront 3?

Rumors have been circulating about the potential development of Star Wars Battlefront 3, with fans eagerly anticipating a late 2023 release. Expectations are high for the game to take a fresh direction, building on the success of its predecessors while carving out a unique identity within the franchise.

Conflicting Reports on Development

However, the development status of Battlefront 3 is far from clear. Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat has indicated that the project is not in the works, suggesting that all Star Wars game development under EA is transitioning to Respawn Entertainment. This would mean that DICE, the studio behind the 2015 and 2017 Battlefront games, may no longer be at the helm of future titles.

The High Cost of the Star Wars License

A significant factor in the uncertainty surrounding Battlefront 3 is the high licensing costs associated with the Star Wars brand. A pitch for the third installment was allegedly made by DICE but was turned down by EA. The financials paint a challenging picture: to achieve the same profit margins, Battlefront 3 would need to surpass its predecessors’ sales by a considerable margin—20% more, to be precise.

The Community’s Voice

The gaming community continues to debate the fate of Battlefront 3. Fans discuss who should take up the development mantle and what direction the game should take. Should it explore new narratives within the Star Wars canon, or revisit classic eras beloved by fans? The discourse is rich with opinions and desires for the future of the series.


As of now, Star Wars Battlefront 3 remains an enigma, with its existence and development status caught between rumors and official statements. The community holds its breath, hoping for a definitive answer on whether they will once again be able to step into the boots of a Rebel soldier or an Imperial stormtrooper. Until then, the legacy of Battlefront remains a testament to the enduring love for the Star Wars saga and its place in the gaming world.

FAQ about Star Wars: Battlefront 3

  1. Is “Star Wars: Battlefront 3” officially confirmed?
  2. Will the game be part of the Star Wars canon?
    • Like previous EA Star Wars games, it’s expected that “Battlefront 3” would be part of the larger Star Wars canon​.
  3. Are the actors from previous games involved?
    • Actors from the “Battlefront 2” campaign have been seen returning to work on a secretive project, hinting at a continuation of the story​​.
  4. Who will develop the game?
    • If “Battlefront 3” goes ahead, it’s likely to be developed by EA and DICE to maintain continuity with the series​.
  5. Will there be microtransactions?
    • It’s expected that “Battlefront 3” would avoid the controversial microtransaction model that was criticized in “Battlefront 2″​​.
  6. How will it improve upon “Battlefront 2”?
    • EA will likely build on the successes and improvements made to “Battlefront 2” over the years, including new modes and customization​​.
  7. Will it be available on next-gen consoles?
    • The game is expected to be developed for next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X​.
  8. Is a Nintendo Switch release planned?
    • There’s speculation that “Battlefront 3” could be released on the Nintendo Switch, following the trend of other Star Wars titles​.
  9. Will the game explore new eras?
    • There’s potential for “Battlefront 3” to delve into different Star Wars eras, possibly even the Old Republic and High Republic eras​​.
  10. When might it be released?
    • While uncertain, a 2022 or 2023 release date has been speculated based on the industry’s dynamic nature​.