Epic Clone Wars Mod Transforms Helldivers 2 into a Star Wars Battle Arena

Clone Wars in Helldivers 2: An Unlikely Yet Thrilling Crossover

In an intriguing blend of sci-fi gaming and classic cinema, Helldivers 2 has recently seen an addition that marries its interstellar war narrative with the beloved Star Wars universe. This crossover comes through a thrilling new mod, which incorporates elements of the Clone Wars into the game’s framework, offering players a unique experience that parallels the epic battles of the Star Wars saga.

Introducing the Star Wars Mod in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2, a game renowned for its intense combat and deep space adventures, has now taken a giant leap into the realm of Star Wars through a creative fan-made modification. Showcased by ToastedShoe on his YouTube channel, this mod introduces the iconic Clone Troopers battling against familiar foes like AT-ATs and various droids seen in the Star Wars films.

What’s New in the Mod?

The mod not only brings Clone Troopers into the game but also transforms the in-game vehicles into starships straight out of the Star Wars franchise. This integration goes beyond mere aesthetic changes, creating an immersive experience that feels like a crossover episode between Helldivers 2 and Star Wars.

Gameplay Transformations

Originally designed to fight alien bugs, Helldivers 2’s gameplay dynamics take an exciting turn with this mod. The YouTuber’s gameplay video demonstrates how the game transitions into a scene reminiscent of the Star Wars Battlefront series, complete with thematic battles and strategic play that feels right at home in the Star Wars universe.

How to Acquire the Star Wars Mod

As exciting as suiting up as a Clone Trooper sounds, players will need to hold their excitement for a little while. ToastedShoes announced on social media that the mod pack would be released “very shortly,” indicating that some final adjustments are needed before it becomes available to the public.

A Teaser Before the Release

To appease eager fans, a 501st Legion mod will be released as a precursor to the main Star Wars-themed mod. This should give players a taste of what’s to come while the developers put the finishing touches on the larger mod.

Navigating Through Rough Waters

It’s important to note that Helldivers 2 has faced its share of challenges lately, including issues with PSN accounts and some negative reviews. However, unique mods like this Star Wars addition help rekindle interest and affection for the game, reminding players of the innovative potential that Helldivers 2 holds.

Potential for Future Mods

While the Star Wars mod is a significant addition, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential modifications in Helldivers 2. Previous mods have introduced elements like Master Chief and ODST helmets from the Halo series, and there have been cosmetic mods like the zero cape mod.

Endless Possibilities

The introduction of a large-scale Star Wars mod opens up possibilities for other major franchise integrations. Whether it’s expanding the existing Halo mods into a more extensive campaign or resurrecting characters from PlayStation’s dormant franchises like Killzone or Resistance, the potential for further expansive mods is limitless.

A Battlefront Alternative

Even if no other major mods come to fruition, Helldivers 2 players can revel in what could be dubbed a pseudo-Battlefront 3 experience. This mod not only revitalizes the game but also serves as a testament to the vibrant and creative community that surrounds Helldivers 2.


The Star Wars mod for Helldivers 2 is more than just a re-skin of the game; it’s a reimagining that injects iconic elements of the Star Wars universe into its core, offering both old fans and newcomers a fresh way to enjoy the game. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the release of this mod, it’s clear that the force is strong with Helldivers 2.