iPhone 15 Star Wars Ad: Mandalorian Meets Precision Finding

iPhone 15 and Star Wars Collaboration: A Mandalorian’s Urban Adventure

In an exciting collaboration between Apple and Lucasfilm, the iPhone 15 takes center stage in a new commercial that cleverly integrates the Star Wars universe with cutting-edge technology. Directed by Kim Gehrig and launched in celebration of Star Wars Day, the ad highlights the new “Precision Finding for Find My Friends” feature, which is adeptly demonstrated through a heartwarming narrative involving a Mandalorian on a quest to reunite with his clan.

A Day in the Life of a Mandalorian

The commercial tells the story of Owen, a real-life Star Wars fan and Mandalorian cosplayer, as he prepares for a day at a local convention. His morning routine is humorously themed around his fandom, including feeding his cat Leia and making sure he has his essentials: “Keys, phone, thermal detonator.” The blend of everyday life with elements from the Star Wars saga sets a relatable yet fantastical tone for the narrative.

Journey and Reunion

Owen’s journey to the convention is filled with both ordinary and distinctly Star Wars-flavored moments. He grabs a boba tea—a playful nod to the iconic bounty hunter Boba Fett—and uses public transport, all the while staying connected with his friends via his iPhone 15. The commercial showcases the phone’s “Precision Finding” feature as Owen navigates through the city, seamlessly finding his friends among the crowd at the convention.

Cultural References and Easter Eggs

The ad is rich with Star Wars references and Easter eggs, adding layers of enjoyment for fans. Noteworthy are the bus stop sign stating “The first transport is away!” and the street sign named “New Hope.” Additionally, the soundtrack featuring Channel Tres’ “All My Friends” cleverly alters lyrics to resonate with the 501st Legion, a renowned fan group, further bridging the gap between the narrative and the fan community.

Fan Involvement and Production

The production of this commercial was a massive fan-involved initiative, receiving over 300 submissions, with 172 fans participating, making it the largest fan-involved project ever sanctioned by Lucasfilm. For Owen and many others, the experience was surreal yet profoundly gratifying, underscoring the strong community bonds within the Star Wars fandom.


Apple’s iPhone 15 commercial does more than just advertise a product; it celebrates the vibrant Star Wars fan culture and illustrates how technology can enhance our connections in delightful, unexpected ways. It stands as a testament to the power of innovative marketing and the enduring appeal of the Star Wars saga, connecting fans and technology in a celebration of community and shared passions.

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