Star Wars: Hunters - A New Galactic Arena Experience

Star Wars: Hunters – A New Galactic Arena Experience

The Star Wars franchise has expanded its universe with a thrilling new game, Star Wars: Hunters. Launched on June 4, 2024, this team-based multiplayer arena combat game is available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Developed by Zynga in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, Star Wars: Hunters brings fans into a post-Galactic Empire world where fast-paced, real-time battles unfold in iconic Star Wars settings.

What is Star Wars: Hunters?

Star Wars: Hunters is a free-to-play game that immerses players in intense 4v4 combat. Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, the game features a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and backstories. Players can choose their favorite characters and battle in arenas inspired by the Star Wars universe, from the deserts of Tatooine to the forests of Endor.

The Diverse Cast of Characters


Grozz is a formidable Wookiee warrior known for his Boulder Bash move, where he rips a boulder from the ground and hurls it at his enemies, causing massive damage and stunning them.


Rieve, a dark and mysterious Sith, wields a lightsaber with deadly precision. Her Lightsaber Throw ability allows her to hurl her weapon across the battlefield, slicing through enemies with ease.


J-3DI is a unique droid with Jedi-like abilities. One of his standout moves is the Faux Pull, where he extends his arm to pull enemies closer for close combat encounters.


The Jawa brothers, collectively known as Utooni, use their resourcefulness in battle. Their Scrap Cannon is a makeshift weapon that fires a destructive beam, dealing significant damage over a short period.

Other Notable Characters

  • Sentinel: A heavy gunner who can summon stormtrooper reinforcements.
  • Slingshot: Known for his Rocket Stomp, which deals area damage and slows enemies.
  • Imara Vex: Utilizes Seeker Salvo, launching rockets that track and damage enemies.
  • Zaina: Specializes in Sticky Bombs, which adhere to enemies and explode.

Gameplay Mechanics

Arena Battles

Star Wars: Hunters features 4v4 battles in various arenas inspired by classic Star Wars locations. The objective is to use teamwork, strategy, and the unique abilities of each character to dominate the battlefield.

Unique Abilities

Each character in Star Wars: Hunters has a set of unique abilities that players must master to achieve victory. These abilities add depth to the gameplay, allowing for various strategies and playstyles.

Cross-Platform Play

One of the standout features of Star Wars: Hunters is its cross-platform play. Players on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch can all compete against each other, ensuring a broad and diverse player base.

Behind the Scenes

Star Wars: Hunters is developed by Zynga, a company known for its popular mobile games, in partnership with Lucasfilm Games. This collaboration brings together Zynga’s expertise in mobile gaming and Lucasfilm’s rich Star Wars lore, resulting in a game that is both visually stunning and deeply engaging.

How to Get Started

To join the action, players can download Star Wars: Hunters for free from the App Store, Google Play, or the Nintendo eShop. Upon launching the game, players can select their preferred characters, dive into the tutorial to learn the basics, and then jump into live matches against other players from around the world.

Community and Updates

The developers are committed to keeping the game fresh and exciting with regular updates. These updates include new characters, abilities, arenas, and events. Players can stay informed about the latest developments by visiting the official Star Wars: Hunters website and following the game on social media platforms.


What platforms is Star Wars: Hunters available on? Star Wars: Hunters is available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Is Star Wars: Hunters free to play? Yes, the game is free to download and play, with optional in-game purchases available.

Can I play Star Wars: Hunters with friends? Yes, you can team up with friends and play together in 4v4 battles.

Are there any in-game events? Yes, the game features regular events that offer unique challenges and rewards.

How often is new content added? The developers release new content, including characters and arenas, regularly to keep the game engaging and fresh.

Where can I find more information about the game? For more details, visit the official Star Wars: Hunters website and follow their social media channels.


Star Wars: Hunters offers a thrilling new way for fans to experience the Star Wars universe. With its diverse cast of characters, intense gameplay, and regular updates, it promises to keep players engaged for a long time. Whether you’re a longtime Star Wars fan or new to the galaxy, Star Wars: Hunters is a game worth exploring.