Changes to Start at level 60 Armor in SWTOR

We missed a forum update by Eric Musco late last night, but Start at 60 armor granted to new characters will become bind on pick starting with patch 4.1. Hey folks, Right now, when you make a brand new Start at 60 character, the armor that your character is wearing is Bind on Legacy. This has allowed players to make characters with the purpose of moving that armor appearance around to other characters. What we have seen on our side is that this has created a large increase in players creating characters just to get the armor sets, and then deleting those characters. This has created a negative impact on the data side. In order address this, we need to make some changes to how that gear works. Starting in Game Update 4.1, the gear that comes with a Start at 60 character will be Bind on Pickup. This change will…

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1.2 New Tier Armor Stats

If you’re looking for info on the new 1.2 Tier Armor Stats but you’re not in the public test realms, you’re in luck. Dulfy from has posted an article on MMO Mechanics that gives you a preview of the PvP War Hero Armor set. Dulfy says: Note that this is a preview of the stats and not the looks. To see how they look please head to here. Let me clarify a couple of things first The set bonus is currently same as Battlemaster/champion/centurion set bonuses. The ears/implants may not match a set. Rated and Unrated (shown here) have identical stats. There are 4 relics, they are listed at the bottom Dulfy also has 1.2 armor models as you see linked above. You can find that here. Here is an example (Empire):

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TOROCast: Jedi Immersion Event

TOROCast as promised has published a wealth of information from the Star Wars: The old republic Jedi Immersion Event. The guys got an Interview with Daniel Erickson that you can check out below, and a great job collecting player stats and NPC info: Nothing is more important to any MMO players efficiency than their stats and understanding how they affect your character. Min/maxxers especially care about stats since it is through stat optimization that we can set ourselves apart. Below you will find a complete breakdown of everything we learned from our playtime. Each level, main and primary go up by 4, secondary goes up by 1. It is possible that their is a rotation we can see this by looking at the increase in primary stats. So they go up by 4, then they go up by 4, then they go up by 3, and rotate like that. Unfortunately…

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