TOROCast: Jedi Immersion Event

TOROCast as promised has published a wealth of information from the Star Wars: The old republic Jedi Immersion Event. The guys got an Interview with Daniel Erickson that you can check out below, and a great job collecting player stats and NPC info:

Nothing is more important to any MMO players efficiency than their stats and understanding how they affect your character. Min/maxxers especially care about stats since it is through stat optimization that we can set ourselves apart. Below you will find a complete breakdown of everything we learned from our playtime.

Each level, main and primary go up by 4, secondary goes up by 1. It is possible that their is a rotation we can see this by looking at the increase in primary stats. So they go up by 4, then they go up by 4, then they go up by 3, and rotate like that. Unfortunately everything after 4 level had too many factors, such as stat bonuses from gear and buffs, that I couldn’t project it out further with the notes I had. With the simplicity of their design though I expect it was a mis-entry in coding and we will see it go +4/+1 respectively.

Their is much more to read on the Torocast website, and I strongly recommend you to check it out:

Brandon’s journey from Tython to Coruscant

As many of you have already figured out, our playtime with the game was with either the Consular or the Knight on their journey through Tython. Well our own Brandon Miletta made it further than any other player did that day, he made it all the way to Republic center of Coruscant. Join him and read his amazing journey!

Interview with Daniel Erickson

Many of you saw parts of this interview a month ago when we talked with Daniel a bit about crafting and some other details. Well with the embargo lifted we can show you now what we couldn’t before!

Don’t feel like reading? Well then listen!

We wouldn’t be TOROcast without a podcast, right? Samm and I sat down to rack Brandon’s brains about everything he saw that day. Tune in to this special report and get all of the days details, right to your ears.

What you will fight!

Brandon took some amazingly detailed notes and part of those included a listing of the enemies he encountered. Check out the details on some of the enemies you can expect to encounter on Tython!

Min/Maxxers, start salivating

In standard “musco” fashion, I forced Brandon to take every note he could on the stats of his character during the progression of the day. I put my min/maxxer hat on and went to work. I was able to combine the information he gave me, along with a little math to give you what might be the most in depth stat analysis we have yet seen for SWTOR.