SWTOR Stats: Start Choosing Republic- Imbalance in the Force

Uh-oh! It seems there is an imbalance in the force, my friends. Or rather an imbalance in the factions of SWTOR.

Over on Taugrim.com, they provide some stats into the game and the faction choices that are being made on PvP servers so far. This is especially interesting to me since my guild is on a PvP server. The overall stats show 137,732 players have gone Empire and only 66,586 have gone Republic. This means that the Empire has 2.1 times the total population. That is a significant difference for sure. This is based on stats from the entire world population.

Here is a snippet of the post that discusses this:

Let’s take a look at faction and class data mined from the Pre-Launch Guild Program (PLGP): http://swtorprogress.com/members.php. This not a comprehensive set of data, but it is statistically significant set of data: 450k players, or ~30% of the predicted 1.5MM launch.
Here are the totals by server type as of end of day December 13:
·        RP-PVE servers (entire World): Empire 25,986 | Republic 30,393 | Hey look, more good guys than bad guys. A lot of RP players want to be a Jedi or Smuggler. What a surprise! Not *
·        PVE servers (entire World): Empire 107,974 | Republic 86,269 | Empire +25% population
·        PVP servers (entire World): Empire 137,732 | Republic 66,586 | Empire has 2.1 times the population
*Note: RP-PVP servers were not included in the PLGP.

He goes on to discuss why this is significant as well as why it is a good idea to have more balance between the factions when it comes to PvP. He also compares SWTOR and these stats to some other games with PvP. Check out the full post for yourself and let us know what you think.

How big of a problem is it to have unbalanced sides? Also, what side are you choosing (or have you already chosen)?

Lisa Clark

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