SWTOR Crafting Chart

If you’re wondering about crafting in SWTOR, you are not alone. but here is a nifty crafting chart that gives us all some insight into the crafting system, skills and what they can do for you in the game.

As you see on the chart, there are two basic types of crafting skills- crafting and gathering. There are four gathering skills in all. These are scavenging, archaeology, bioanalysis, and slicing (droid armor, generators, special missions).

There are also mission skills which include Diplomacy, Investigation, Treasure Hunting and Underworld Trading. The mission skills correspond directly with gathering and crafting skills.

Crafting skills are Armortech, Armstech, Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem and Cybertech. Diplomacy can have an impact on your dark/light side points. Investigation gives schematics for all of the professions/crafting skills as well as materials for medium armor. All mission skills will give you gifts for your companions.

The chart maps it all out for you and shows you how it will work in-game, even if you have not yet had a chance for trying it out in beta.

So with this added info, what do you think about the SWTOR crafting system so far?